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Torta Findhorn


Opening Hours:

Monday & Thursday (11am - 3pm)

Friday - Sunday (10am - 4pm)

Book to sit in: 07731 660389

Address: Royal Findhorn Yacht Club, 14 B9011, Findhorn, Forres, IV36 3YE

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Torta Findhorn is one of Moray’s newest coffee houses based in the beautiful coastal village of Findhorn. We opened our doors on 29th April 2022 and our first year has been an amazing one. We offer a unique experience when it comes to enjoying a slice of cake with your coffee due to our daily changing cake cabinet and our beautiful decorations.

We put a lot of thinking into our cakes, light lunches and most importantly to our coffee. We have a full breakfast, brunch and lunch menu and we are open 5 days a week currently from Thursday all the way to Monday afternoon.

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The coffee we serve...

The perfect pairing...

For non-coffee drinkers...

We serve Speyside CoffeeIt is a single origin Brazilian blend. While our decaf cuppa comes from Guatemala. Small batch roasted using only 100% arabica beans.

Your choice is endless from our tasty breakfast, brunches or lunches to our daily changing cakes. 


Our most popular combination is a cup of Latte paired with our best seller Yoghurt Loaf. Yoghurt Loaf now available Dairy or Gluten Free and Vegan too.

For non-coffee drinkers we offer 3 types of hot chocolates and also an award-winning tea mixology blend, Bird and Blend Tea. 


Bird and Blend Tea is an eco-conscious, independent and people focused brand. They are an award-winning tea mixology company with a mission to spread happiness. Try our flavours when you are in Torta next.


Types of hot chocolate are either your normal one or the Two Chocolates by Torta. White or Ruby which we both serve with tasty whipped cream and freeze dried raspberries. A thing to remember.


Lastly we have got to mention our brand new product the Award Winning Gut Feelings Kombucha which is very local to us straight from Findhorn.

Shiba Inu at the Beach



Kindly supported by The Moray Way.

Find trail information, accessibility & maps.


Starting from Findhorn, you can’t go wrong with the Moray Coast Trail on a beautiful sunny day. Stop by at Torta with your four-legged friend before or after your walk, as we are doggy friendly!


Findhorn is a pure paradise, and no matter is a destination location it is the place to be in Moray on a nice sunny day. Miles of soft white sand, turquoise sea…literally the only thing we miss here on the beach is palm trees.


We provide compostable cups, lids and sleeves. You can put these into any bin, or your own compost heap.  


Unfortunately, we are not fully wheelchair or pram friendly, due to the building (B-listed, 270 years old). The original features have two small steps outside. However, our colleagues are always available to help people into café when needed.


For the Moray Coast Trail, you will need shoes that can get wet, or if you like a sandy beach walk by bare feet, you are welcome to enjoy that at Findhorn. Many sections of the route can be used for cycling and horseriding in addition to walking. In wilder locations the path can be steep and rough in places, which would restrict access. Generally the route is most accessible in the vicinity of the coastal settlements. Less able users should concentrate on using these sections.

Spinner Dolphins


  • Where possible, drop your take away cups back to the coffee shop

  • Make the use of your KEEP CUPS to reduce take away packaging

  • Use public bins and where possible the correct, public recycling bins

  • If there are no bins, take your cups home and recycle accordingly

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